Where to Watch

Here is a starter list of where you might find K-drama episodes to watch. If anyone has favorites that aren’t listed, please feel free to tell us where you find your movies.

Where to watch K-drama:


1. K-drama websites





2. Borrow from the public library

You will need a Hawaii State Public Library card (which is FREE) in order to borrow anything. The library loans out DVD’s for a week with the charge of  $1.00/rental.  The library database is also accessible online ( here) . You check out what shows are available. You may need to sign up on the waiting list for some and you can have it delivered to the library nearest you. They will notify you when it’s available.


3. Find friends who share your K-drama interest and trade shows with them

4.  Join a K-drama club in Hawaii


5. Watch Korean channels on TV on Oahu

KBFD Channel 32/ Oceanic channel 82
Imaginasian TV (Oceanic  channel 546)
KBS America (Oceanic channel 80)
KLife (Oceanic TW digital channel 81)
* Korean wiz has a U.S. TV channel list of Korean stations here

A list of all the Korean television dramas listed by year here


6. Buy discounted  DVDs boxes of your favorite shows.

Buying K-drama shows can get to be pretty expensive, but it’s likely you’ll want to have your favorite. The cheapest places tend to be online, but you must be careful when you shop. If the site doesn’t look legitimate, don’t click ‘Buy’.

Here are some sites:

Amazon.com  ( you can buy both, new and used items as well as, sell what you no longer want)


7. Buy it locally 

Not always the cheapest option, but it’s an option.

Where to buy locally:

* has a small selection of some popular shows

Don Quixote  * larger selection than Costco, but you can get it cheaper online


Where do you get your K-drama fix?