Film Location: Jeju Island, Teddy Bear Museums and Korean Drama sites

The cast of Goong

If you’ve ever seen the popular K-drama showThe Palace (or Gung or Princess Diaries), then you’ll know part of the fascination tourists visiting Korea can have with the Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island.

The show features cute opening and closing scenes with teddies re-enacting scenes which took place in the show and the location makes one of their episodes. The popularity of the television series helped popularize the museum for me.  If you’re a Korean drama fanatic and you’re heading over to Jeju, then you’d want to see this museum in particular… not the one in Seoul.

teddy bear museum jeju

Teddy Bear Museum at Jungmun Resort (Tourist bus at the airport makes a stop at it)

Jeju Island Film locations

I’m all for D.I.Y tours and because I’m an ultra-budget traveler, I try to find creative ways to explore places on the cheap.

There’s oodles of film locations all around Jeju Island and the Teddy Bear Museum is merely one of them. I’ve been to Jeju Island twice now.

My first time was just to explore it’s various attractions in Seowipo, Jungmun Resort and Jeju City (click here for my top things to see in Jeju or to see some of my itinerary info).

My second time, I planned a K-drama location tour for her . We even accidentally stayed at the Hyatt Regency Hotel where Boys Over Flowers was filmed (click here)! How do you like that?  Our room faced the wedding hall!

Anyways, this post was really to share my Teddy Bear Museum post so if you’re interested in it, click here.

secret garden, hyun bin

Secret Garden was filmed at Seeas Hotel at Jungmun Resort (click on this image to see what I saw)


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