[* Video Pick Fridays *] How to create Ulzzang Eyes

Korean Ulzzang MakeUp Tutorial vrs. 2


Ulzzang (pronounced uhl-jang) means “best face” or “good looking” in Korean. This slang is often used by netizen contests and girls competing for the title of “ulzzang”.

Eyes are the main idea of the look. Lots of products are used to make the eyes very large (i.e. contact lenseseyelid glue, eyeliner, long fake eyelashes…) Other qualities of the look are fair skin, a tiny nose and small lips. In a way the look is like an anime doll with large eyes and tiny pointed features…. or a heavily edited Photoshop photo.

Circle lenses or contact lenses

Examples of Ulzzang girls

This video is from a YouTube Imjustcandy who has a channel called Candy’s World. It’s a cute video tutorial on how to create an Ulzzang look but …. the look is more natural than I’ve seen. Although it runs a little slow, you’ll get to see Candy’s makeup process from start to finish.

Watch and enjoy!


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