Hanguk Friends Drama Club meeting #2

Korean drama water bottles- How absolutely creative!


The Hanguk Friends Drama club just continues to impress me. It keeps your appetite wet for being inspired to grow your passion towards things Korean and my mom loves it.

What we appreciate about the Hanguk Friends Drama Hawaii Club is that the committee and volunteers contribute a lot of time, ideas and creativity to make these meetings entertaining and original. From the centerpieces to door prizes, the artwork, everything… a lot of heart goes into flavoring everyone’s experience with K-drama touches so that you’re immersed in the K-drama bubble for that time.


What does a meeting include?

Chit-chat ‘getting to know you’ sessions about favorite and latest dramas, the latest scoops of new shows that will be airing on the KBFD channel,  lucky number drawings (again, we didn’t win anything…pbbt) and guest speakers!  So far it’s been really entertaining and informative and my mom just loves it.

Like where do totally adorable K-drama fan shirts like this exist?  Fortunately for me, one of the nice male members next to me won! He won a cute ladies shirt size small! Lucky me, I was a size small lady! He was generous enough to give me his jackpot!

Special Guest speakers this meeting:

The KBFD channel representative seems like a regular and she’s packed with the current news and tips about the shows coming out. We love her. My mom always brings out her pen and paper for note-taking when this lady goes up.

So this week’s special guests included DJ Sofia from KORL 107.5 and the Korean Cultural School.

What would you do if you were standing in front of a Korean drama fan club and had ten minutes of floor time to talk about what you do?

DJ Sofia was first up and she gave an  Anyeong! with a smile and bow.

That’s it?!  Chincha?!

(sorry, you’re reading my @grrrltraveler style of writing, which is often brutally sassy and honest. I don’t withhold.)

What about the latest K-pop news, top bands and trends… current music videos that are popular, like Psy’s Gangnam Style video, which has gone globally viral? tsk! tsk! (I had to find out about that from Korea expat friends on Facebook).  Initially, when I was planning my K-pop documentary film, I’m Gonna Be a K-pop Star (which I’ve since sold to another production company, but you can check in with on Facebook to see how its developed) we were supposed to meet with DJ Sofia. … I can only imagine.

But I fail on professional elevator pitches and she might be reading this, so this lack of preparedness, I’ll let slide.

But next time…

But Raina Yi, a representative and instructor from the Korean Cultural School was the next up and a godsend. Many folk want to learn Korean. I’d like to improve my Korean and I don’t want to have to enroll in a semester at college! Back in Korea, the local YMCA in Daegu offered great Korean language classes: a textbook book, weekly classes, small groups. They were pretty thorough.

So finding a place to take Korean language classes in Hawaii is nice to know about.  Unfortunately, there’s no website, but I’ll leave the information at the bottom of this post!


What kinds of exercises should a Korean drama fan do during commercial breaks?

So the next event was another welcome surprise.

Terry my Zumba and fitness instructor at the YMCA in Waipahu was the last guest speaker?… no, entertainer!

She showed the club how you can excercise from your ass! Yes, couch potatoes… the K-dramas has a lot of these gals spending time on their rump vs. treadmills.  So terry gave us a fun 10 minute workout, sampling ways to lubricate joints and raise heart levels from your armchair!

Pretty brilliant huh?

Terry, my Zumba instructor at the YMCA Exercises to do for the gals who live in front of their TV


Okay, rather than spoil this with more talking, let me leave you with some foodie pictures.

Lunch Quiz:  Can you name these Korean foods?

Personally, I think they should have a food quiz at one meeting called ‘Guess the names of your lunch!’


Interested in taking Korean classes?

Korean Cultural School
1545 Kamehameha IV Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
For questions, contact: Raina Yi (rainayi~at~gmail.com or 808-230-9416)
* They offer beginner and intermediate Korean language classes