[* Video Pick Fridays *] Why are Koreans so into their Looks & Plastic surgery?

Why are Koreans so into their Looks?

Video Pick Fridays picks this video as #1 of a two part series looking at ‘Beauty in Korea’.

V-line chins, narrow jawlines, tall noses, double eyelids, … there’s a reason why Hallyu performers looks are so heavenly sent and why we love them over Hollywood. It’s all pretty well crafted. “It could be easily assumed that 99 percent of South Korean celebrities got stuff done on their faces,” said to Dr. Park Sang- hoon, head of Seoul’s ID Hospital (Xinhuanet.com). I’ve heard plastic surgery is almost mandatory for Kpop stars and celebrities… well, maybe not or Psy. He gets away with being himself pretty fine.

Arirang Today goes inside to show us why Koreans are not only facial appearance (enough to go to plastic surgeons), but also their weight.