Keeaumoku Supermarket: Korea grocery store and a few more surprises from the Motherland

keeaumoku supermarket

Keeaumoku supermarket

Being back in Hawaii, I’ve only ever shopped for my Korean fix and food imports at Palama Supermarket. But then I recently discovered another Korean supermarket!

While it’s been out for some time, I just had to post it for those newbies out there. Keeaumoku Supermarket on 835 Keeaumoku is tucked away in  a small mall plaza next to Red House Honolulu so it may not be apparent to the passing drivers. It’s noteworthy to mention because the market is probably as big as the Palama Market store near Don Quixote.

Unfortunately, I only had my crappy iPod Touch camera to capture this store (and in the process am losing respect for iPod Touch cameras).

Keeaumoku Supermarket

keeaumoku supermarket    keeaumoku supermarket
    kimchikeeaumoku supermarket