Seo Ji-Seok rumored to be at Hawaii’s 11th Annual Korean Festival 2012

HI Korean Festival

11th Annual Hawaii Korean Festival 2012

Korea has oodles of festivals throughout the year. It’s as if they have much to celebrate.

When you’re in Hawaii, there’s only one Korean festival to inform you about the entire culture.

Thus, the 11th Annual Korean Festival will be this July 14th and you may not want to miss it.

Madonna will be there… Korea’s Madonna, that is,  Kim Wan Sun, whom ironically lived in Hawaii for three years while studying at the University of Hawaii.  Another celebrity guest rumored to make an appearance for an autograph session is Hallyu star, Seo Ji-Seok of Manny, Pure in Heart, Gloria and High Kick through the roof.



So far, that’s the claim.

Whether Seo Ji-Seok will make an appearance at the festival itself or the Kim Wan Sun Dinner Concert on July 20th (as mentioned in the flyer), we don’t yet know. This could be just as good as the commotion about the opening of Bae Yong Joon‘s Gorilla in the Cafe and rumors of  Joon’s appearance. ….All which was much hype and a sad disappointment (I’ll soon be posting photos of the event). It was anti-climatic and the cafe was the size of a Waikiki thimble.

A schedule of  festival events has yet to be posted.

Suh Ji Suk

Hallyu Actor Seo Ji-Seok of ‘Manny’

I’ve never been to the Korean Festival in Hawaii so this will be my first!

What goes on at the Korean festival? Well, from the website, Korean Festival HI, it seems:

“Past festivals have included events such as Korean traditional dancing performances, traditional music and song, taekwondo demonstrations, and special appearances from famous Korean stars and singers. Participation from the public has also been welcomed with a Korean singing competition and kim chi eating contest.”

Not bad.

An event spanning an entire day and one day only, it promises to be a lot of cultural fun and I’m down from some good kimchi (click here for my kimchi in Korea post)!

SMTown Hawaii, a group which is trying to get SM Entertainment to do a concert in Hawaii is hoping to perform a flashmob! How exciting! Look for them feeding the flashmob vibe into the crowds.



11th Annual Korean Festival
Saturday, July 14, 2012
Kapiolani Park (Kalakaua Ave. & Monsaratt Ave).
How to get there or where to park:

SMTown Hawaii information: