Tour Seoul: What to buy in Korea (Part I)


If you’re not seeing this video, click on this link Related post: Top 5 gifts to buy in Korea What souvenirs should you buy on your trip to Korea? What should you… Continue reading

I’m having my first giveaway!


I’m having my first giveaway at GRRRLTRAVELER! Apologies for not posting. There’s been slow action on this site, and I’ve been busy over at my GRRRLTRAVELER site, developing my YouTube channel.  I’ve needed… Continue reading

Wanna learn Korean? Summer Session in Hawaii starts June 8th.


The Hawaii Korean Cultural School is starting up their Summer Semester, beginning June 8!

All those who’d like to learn Korean (aka not have to read subtitles when they watch their dramas), raise your hand. The semester will last 6 weeks, each Saturday.

Video: Kim Ji Hun’s arrival into Hawaii


Video of Kim Ji Hun’s arrival into HNL airport Hawaii

Kim Ji Hun given the big Aloha by fans at Honolulu Airport


After a four hour plane delay in Las Vegas, Wish Upon a Star Korean-drama star, Kim Ji Hun finally arrived into Honolulu Airport and was greeted by fans, with leis and gifts.

Hallyu star Kim Ji Hun makes a special appearance for Hawaii drama fans


If you’re a fan of K-drama actor, Kim Jihoon, then here’s your chance to meet him and take pictures with him in person!

[Video Pick Fridays] Korea’s culture of freebies


Okay, it’s not Friday, but I haven’t done one of these in a while. This week’s video is from Korea Today.

In my 2010 post, I wrote a post about 10 Funny quirks you didn’t know about Koreans and I listed this topic as one… Freebies.

You can get a lot of free stuff in Korea. Korean society is very strong about giving consumers incentives to buy and sometimes, you wonder how they can afford to do that. Anything from 1+1 deals (buy one, get one free), to “free service” (when you get something complimentary of your purchase), Korea always seems to be giving. I’ve always wondered why that was… check this out.

The Sprint #Wishaday project: Reasons to Avoid a Sprint plan (Part I)


What is the Sprint #wishaday project?

Why I’m doing this:

“I’d like to terminate my parents’ Sprint mobile plan, just after months of signing the contract. I’d like to terminate the plan with no termination fee and still hold the number we have”

Spicy Links: How big of Korean dramas & K-pop fan were you in 2012


When 2012 ended, it left us with some good films, songs and dramas. But what will 2013 bring? Recently, I went over to one of my favorite Korean expat sites, Korea Bridge and… Continue reading

Wanna learn Korean in Hawaii?


The Korean Cultural School has just started their Spring Semester of Korean Language classes. They’re still accepting late students, so if you’d like to brush up your Korean for watching Korean dramas, for that future trip to Korea or just for your own personal interest in the culture… then now is the time!

Korean skin care companies come to Hawaii


Kim Hyun Joong, the posterboy for The Faceshop I’ve been a fan of The Faceshop for a few years now. I love their skin care products because it always leaves a fresh and… Continue reading

Top 5 souvenirs to bring back from Korea


If you’re visiting Korea and shopping for gifts and souvenirs to bring back for family and friends, there’s a possibility you don’t want to weigh down your luggage excessively with a ton of… Continue reading

Hallyu 2 Hawaii may be moving to Blogger


So dear readers, Hallyu 2 Hawaii is starting life anew on! I was originally on WordPress but decided to change over.  I already have other existing sites here such as My Crazy… Continue reading

Daniel Henney makes special appearance at Honolulu International Film Festival with film, ‘Shanghai Calling’


What are some reasons why Korean drama fans should check out the Honolulu International Film Festival?…

These days, it seems that HIFF is bringing in more Korean films to satiate Hawaii’s love for Asian films and to feed the growing enthusiasm towards Korean films.

The Secret to Getting Perfect K-pop Skin


Earlier, I wrote about BB cream as being one of the secrets to Hallyu skin, but obviously in Korea, there’s more. A lot of it has to do with skin clinics and dermatologists in Korea (and yes, plastic surgeons).

Film Location: Jeju Island, Teddy Bear Museums and Korean Drama sites


If you’ve ever seen the popular K-drama show, The Palace (or Gung or Princess Diaries), then you’ll know part of the fascination tourists visiting Korea can have with the Teddy Bear Museum on Jeju Island. The show features cute… Continue reading

[* Video Pick Fridays *] How to create Ulzzang Eyes


Ulzzang (pronounced uhl-jang) means “best face” or “good looking” in Korean. This slang is often used by netizen contests and girls competing for the title of “ulzzang”.

Hanguk Friends Drama Club meeting #2


Anyeong! The Hanguk Friends Drama club just continues to impress me. It keeps your appetite wet for being inspired to grow your passion towards things Korean and my mom loves it. What we… Continue reading

[Video Pick Fridays] Everyone in Korea wants to be pretty


This is video #2 of a two part series of Video Pick Fridays on the topic of ‘Beauty in Korea’. This is a documentary video made by a film student shinibi on youtube.

[* Video Pick Fridays *] Why are Koreans so into their Looks & Plastic surgery?


Arirang Today goes inside to show us why Koreans are not only facial appearance (enough to go to plastic surgeons), but also their weight.

[Video Picks] Hallyu Star Makeup Tips 2012


Face it, if you’ve seen Korean dramas, you probably want to know their beauty secrets! Aside from BB cream, I’ve been wondering what makes Hallyu stars so damn gorgeous. Well, I’ve got some tips for you!

Gorilla in the Cafe in Waikiki: Not as grand as it could be


When the news hit the Hawaii press that Bae Yong Joon‘s Gorilla in the Cafe was opening in Waikiki, it had K-drama fans excited. What would the cafe look like, what would happen at the opening… Continue reading

[* Video Pick Fridays* ] Korea: The Art of Makeup


Last week I picked a  news documentary video on Korean makeup and this week I’ve another video to add to it. Why is the world turning to Korea for makeup? From China, Japan… Continue reading

[* Video Pick Fridays* ] Korean Makeup Takes the World by Storm


This week’s video is from Arirang Today and it tells us how Korean makeup is taking the world by storm.

In it, actress Min Hyo-Lin (from the 2011 film Sunny, *remember the beautiful girl who gets her face cut?*) gives sheds the secret to great lipstick is concealer before applying color and a foreigner gets a makeover with Korean makeup artist who explains that application of a base with fingers (vs. a sponge) helps to maintain moisturizer.

Seo Ji-Seok appears at Hawaii’s Korean Festival 2012 (Part 2)


Cont. from: Hawaii’s Korean Festival 2012 was hot, yet so cool (Part 1) . What is a Hawaii Korean Festival without a little drama fever? Hawaii is finally starting hook into Korean culture… Continue reading

Seo Ji-Seok and Hawaii’s Korean Festival 2012 was hot, yet so cool. (Part 1)


Hawaii’s 11th Annual Korean Festival was hot yet so coooool.

Aside from the Hawaiian heat making its way into summer, there were a lot of really good performances and events on the festival grounds.

I know all you Seo Ji-Seok fans wanna know if the man arrived.

Keeaumoku Supermarket: Korea grocery store and a few more surprises from the Motherland


Keeaumoku Supermarket on 835 Keeaumoku is tucked away in a small mall plaza next to Red House Honolulu so it may not be apparent to the passing drivers. It’s noteworthy to mention because the market is probably as big as the Palama Market store near Don Quixote.

So you wanna be a K-pop star or trainee…


Around the globe, teens are catching the fever of K-pop and with Korean entertainment companies casting their net wider, there’s been auditions around the world for SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP etc… What does it take to become a Kpop star?

Seo Ji-Seok rumored to be at Hawaii’s 11th Annual Korean Festival 2012


Korea has oodles of festivals throughout the year. It’s as if they have much to celebrate. When you’re in Hawaii, there’s only one Korean festival to inform you about the entire culture. Thus,… Continue reading

‘I AM’ movie about SM Entertainment stars is released


What is it like to train to be a K-pop star?

SM Entertainment, home of K-pop star bands like Girls Generation, SHINee, BoA and Super Junior, just released a movie this May, called

‘I AM”. It took over 9000 hours of tapes to edit together a film documenting the lives, auditions, trainee periods and success stories of these stars up until their Madison Square garden concert in New York.

Kim Soo Hyun is the new face of Korea Tourism


We originally saw Kim Soo Hyun in Dream High (my favorite) as the reluctant hero who rises from a country bumpkin to a Rain-like K-pop superstar. You may have even seen him in Giant or as a child star in dramas such as, Father’s House, Will it Snow for Christmas? or Jungle Fish. But his following has been gathering a storm since MBC’s drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Why did I start Hallyu to Hawaii?


My mother is the big Korean drama fan of our household and having watched over 200+ dramas over the past two years, I thought this might be a great place for her to share her passion with others!

She has a list of her favorite shows, so I was hoping she’d recommend dramas worth watching, share some fun tidbits from her internet stalkings for gossip on the shows and their stars; and ideally, I hoped she’d explore and report on Korean events going on in Hawaii. Afterall, this is what I do with my own travel blog (Grrrl Traveler).

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s working.

Wanna be a K-pop star? YG releases its audition dates for 2012 and casting for the next Kpop star


If you know of 2NE1 and Big Bang, then you indirectly know of YG Entertainment. They’re one of Korea’s leading entertainment groups and K-pop star factories and they’ll soon be holding global auditions in: London, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Osaka.

Red House Honolulu: A place to get your Korean fusion food and K-pop


Red House Honolulu is a small Korean-fusion restaurant with a stylish, trendy and a taste for projecting K-pop videos on the wall while you eat.

My first K-drama club meeting with the Hankuk Drama Fan Club


I’d always wondered what a Korean drama club was like. Now the mysterious veil is opened.

Korean BB cream: The Secret to Hallyu Beauty


The K-drama craze and Korea’s secret to beautiful skin is out and hitting the mainland U.S. quickly. The secret is BB cream and when you try it, you might see your face transform like Hallyu star. You’ll be hooked.

Bae Yong Joon opens a cafe in Waikiki this April


Hallyu fans in Hawaii will be excited to learn that Hallyu megastar, Bae Yong Joon will be opening a cafe in Waikiki.

70 FREE Korean films on YouTube in May!


The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) has announced that it is partnering with Google to put 70 classic Korean films on YouTube this May.